Professional skills development package

This personal skills development package has been specifically designed to complement Andy’s new book Investigative Interviewing“.

The package comes as an e-learning format and consists of the following elements:

  • An online PDF version of the “Investigative Interviewing” book
  • Witness statement templates for you to download and use as you wish later on in real interviews
  • A downloadable and comprehensive course workbook containing a series of exercises designed to help you get the most out of the course
  • No less than ELEVEN on-line video sessions for you go through as often as you like, and whenever you like. (Running time for these video sessions totals just over 2 hours).

It’s important to note that this e-course has been specifically designed as a personal training resource for you to access as and when convenient. It is not one of those disappointing “pay once – read once” offers!

This professional skills development package has a list price of £250 + VAT (i.e. £300 in total) which is a very competitive price when you consider the wealth of specialist information it gives you.

To purchase your copy of the skills pack go to:

And to buy Andy’s book upon which it is based, “Investigative Interviewing – A Guide for Managers”, please go to: