Why us?

Management & Safety Training Ltd is a specialist health & safety training and consultancy practice which operates to the highest ethical and professional standards. This, of course, is only to be expected since the founder, Andy Farrall, is not only a Fellow of one professional body but also holds Chartered Member status with a second.

Are we the cheapest?

No – we are not the cheapest consultancy or training company, and we make no apologies for that fact!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that health & safety is not a “regulated” profession, which means that anybody can set themselves up as a “health & safety consultant” irrespective of whether they have any formal qualifications in the subject, carry professional indemnity insurance, or are subject to any professional code of conduct. And all of these criteria, of course, carry with them associated costs.

Our advice to potential clients is this: by all means shop around, because that’s the prudent thing to do, but if you’re going to choose your consultant purely on the basis of lowest price then the maxim of “caveat emptor” should apply. Or, translated (very) loosely, “if it looks too good to be true then it probably IS too good to be true”!

Health & Safety Services

Working in partnership with the client we can provide client directors and managers with a range of safety consultancy and audit services.

Accident Investigation

Andy Farrall is also a fully qualified industrial accident investigator, and in order to provide clients with specialist accident investigation services has set up a new service within the company called iNDAXCON.

The aim of this iNDAXCON service is to provide companies who are at risk of prosecution with:

  • An accident investigation service which will aim to identify the root cause of the incdient and thus the potential liabilities of all parties involved.
  • An independent review of your existing health & safety management systems – systems which will undoubtedly come under intensive scrutiny in the event of an HSE prosecution or a civil action for negligence.