Crisis Management

As mentioned on the home page, Andy gained a wealth of experience in the realities of crisis management during his 12 years in the NHS Ambulance Service.

Indeed, his experience was a key factor in his being commissioned by the Irish Ambulance Service College to design, and then present, specialist courses on critical decision making for senior officers and paramedics from the Service. These courses were well received.

He can offer his expertise to organisations in a number of ways depending upon their particular needs at the time.

In some cases the client may simply require an evaluation of a specific crisis management plan, and that can often be done by means of a detailed examination which considers how the plan deals with two fundamental issues as follows:

  • How do you know that the information in the plan is correct?
  • What alternative strategies does the plan provide if the initial approach chosen does not work?

It’s a deceptively simple technique, but nevertheless it can expose weaknesses which must be dealt with to yield a successful plan.

In other cases, the client may want a full audit of their existing crisis management plans, and, as explained on the audit page, this can be carried out by benchmarking against the international standard ISO 22361:2022 .

Please feel free to contact Andy directly via the Contact Us page for an informal initial discussion.