Management & Safety Training Ltd are delighted to be working on an associate basis with the following organisations:

The Occam Group

The Occam Group is a partnership between Management & Safety Training Ltd., Penarth Management Ltd., and the Bristol-based mental health charity Cintre.

The purpose of Occam is to design and promote specialist training courses for managers in the care & support sectors, from the NHS to Local Authority Services to the private care sector to ….

The first course, “Rethinking Decisions” has been prepared as a classroom based course (3 days) and an e-learning version is also being developed.

Feedback from a pilot version of Rethinking Decisions can be seen at:

Penarth Management Ltd

Penarth Management Ltd not only specialize in installing and managing compliance systems, such ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001, but also offer their clients a range of accredited health & safety courses.

Andy Farrall has been working closely with Penarth Management for some time. On behalf of Penarth he has provided their clients with a range of courses, such as the Level 3 Health & Safety for Managers and the Level 2 ROLO course for grounds maintenance staff, and has also undertaken numerous audit projects against standards such as OSHAS 18001.


Cintre is a mental health charity, based in Bristol, which provides support in both community and residential settings to adults exhibiting a wide range of complex mental needs.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cintre is Dr Claire Mould and Andy has for some time been working with her and Cintre to provide the charity with pro bono support and advice on issues relating to the charity’s general health & safety management.

Advanced Clinical Solutions Ltd.

We are delighted to be in discussions with Josie Winter, the Clinical Director of Advanced Clinical Solutions Ltd. about an exciting new training project which will include the offer of specialist health & safety advice to organisations within the private health care sector.

The details are still being discussed and thus are confidential, but what we can say at this stage is that the project is firmly on track and should go “live” towards the end of this year.

Further updates will be published as and when information is released into the public domain, so please watch this space!

Bespoke Consultancy & Education Ltd

We have been asked by Ali Webber, the founder of BCE, to develop and then deliver specialist health & safety training to their assessment team.

Part of the team’s role is to ensure that workplaces (primarily within the care sector) which have been nominated to provide BCE’s apprentices with work experience are themselves safe working environments.

This training will give the assessors a valuable insight into the practical requirements of a safety management system, and thus enable them to make an accurate assessment of each workplace’s suitability.