Management & Safety Training Ltd are delighted to be working on an associate basis with the following organisations:

The Occam Group

The Occam Group is a partnership between Management & Safety Training Ltd., Penarth Management Ltd., and the Bristol-based mental health charity Cintre (

The purpose of Occam is to design and promote specialist training courses for managers in the care & support sectors, from the NHS to Local Authority Services to the private care sector to ….

The first course, “Rethinking Decisions” ( has been prepared as a classroom based course (3 days) and an e-learning version is also being developed.

Feedback from a pilot version of Rethinking Decisions can be seen at:

Penarth Management Ltd

Penarth Management not only specialise in installing and managing compliance systems, such ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001, but also offer their clients a range of accredited health & safety courses.

Andy Farrall has been working closely with Penarth Management for some time. On behalf of Penarth he has provided their clients with a range of courses, such as the Level 3 Health & Safety for Managers and the Level 2 ROLO course for grounds maintenance staff, and has also undertaken numerous audit projects against standards such as OSHAS 18001.