Investigative interviewing - the book

A key element of any accident investigation is the interviewing of witnesses, and this is also true of investigative interviews conducted in an HR setting to look into complaints of (say) gross misconduct, or fraud, or sexual misconduct – all of which can result in the accused person being dismissed without notice (and, possibly, becoming subject to legal proceedings).

There’s a common assumption that an investigative interview is just like any other management interview, but in reality it’s the complete opposite.

In an investigative interview the fundamental dynamics will change. The interviewer will be under the spotlight just as much as the interviewee – yet he/ she probably won’t even realise what’s happening. Key information may be hidden, and the investigation may be sent off in totally the wrong direction, simply because the interviewer is being manipulated.

With this serious challenge to managers in mind, Andy has written a guide based on his previous experience as a specialist investigator with two élite UK law enforcement agencies – HM Customs & Excise Investigation Division and No7 Regional Crime Squad.

As a Customs investigator he was involved in a variety of complex enquiries, ranging from a joint US-UK investigation into the importation into the USA of counterfeit machine parts from Taiwan (an investigation in which he acted as liaison officer with the US team), to international taxation fraud, drug smuggling and gold smuggling.

With No7 RCS he was a Financial Investigator. and as such played a part in numerous cases as diverse as money laundering and the tracing of criminal assets.

So his book is based not just on theory and academic research (although there’s a lot of that in there) but also on years of practical experience “at the sharp end” interviewing both witnesses and suspects.

Topics covered include:

  • Psychology – what’s the best way to frame your questions?
  • Body language – how can you tell if the subject is trying to be evasive or hide something?
  • How to take a written statement – there are many ways to get this crucial task wrong!
  • Evidence analysis – how to extract key information from multiple evidence sources
  • Writing the report -this will be no ordinary management report because, depending upon circumstances, it may well have to stand up to critical (possibly even hostile) legal scrutiny.

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In addition, in July 2020 Andy presented (at the invitation of the software company Natural HR) an expert webinar to their clients on the topic of “Investigative Interviewing – how to conduct a fair HR investigation”. You can view a recording of this webinar on the Management & Safety YouTube channel at:

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