Investigative interviewing

A key element of any accident investigation is the interviewing of witnesses, and this is also true of investigative interviews conducted to look into complaints of (say) gross misconduct, or fraud, or sexual misconduct – all of which can result in the accused person being dismissed without notice (and, possibly, becoming subject to legal proceedings).

There’s a common assumption that an investigative interview is just like any other management interview, but in reality the complete opposite is true.

In an investigative interview the fundamental dynamics will change. The interviewer will be under the spotlight just as much as the interviewee – yet he/ she probably won’t even realise what’s happening. Key information may be hidden, and the investigation may be sent off in totally the wrong direction, simply because the interviewer is being manipulated.

We can now offer two specially written resources designed to help managers in all sectors meet the challenges posed by such interviews.

First, there is the PDF format eBook, “Investigative Interviewing“, which has been specially written by Andy Farrall. It is based not only on his training and experience as a chartered health & safety consultant and accident investigator, but also his law enforcement experience as a specialist investigator with two elite UK law enforcement agencies.

Readers of the book will:

  • Learn about the differences in dynamics which exist between management and investigative interviews
  • Develop an awareness of some of the psychological principles which underpin investigative interviewing
  • Gain an insight into the practicalities involved in conducting an investigative interview
  • Understand how to correlate information obtained in the interview against information obtained from other sources

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