IPI Academy

Andy was commissioned by the training organisation IPI Academy (which is a division of Falconbury Ltd) to write and present a series of 1/2-day and 1-day webinars on a range of health & safety topics.

A list of the courses available, and their details (including available dates) can be found here on the IPI website. The course list includes a new 1-day course on understanding and managing human error in the transport sector which has just been scheduled for various dates in 2024.

Courses Andy has written for IPI:

Understanding & Managing Human Error – Essential Skills for the Transport Manager

A transport manager has full, and legal, responsibility for transport operations, and managing human error is a significant factor that needs to be understood in today’s commercial environment.

Human error can cause confusion within your workforce and amongst your customers, damage to the reputation of your business and, potentially, a loss of revenue. Human error can also lead to accidents, injuries and even fatalities in the transport sector. Managing human error is critical to reducing these risks within the transportation industry.

This specialist one-day event has been designed to focus specifically on the particular scenarios and risks associated with the transport sector. Two fundamental questions are considered during this programme:

  1. How significant a factor is human error in transport operations?
  2. How can human error in the workplace be better managed?

Planning & Implementing a Health & Safety Policy

The law says every company must have a health and safety policy. But do you know what form it should take; what it should include; who is responsible for it; and who should do what, when and how?

This webinar will bring you right up to date with best practice for putting your H&S policy together. Andy explains what should be included and how the policy should be put into practice as a safety management system for your business.

An Introduction to Health & Safety – How to Avoid Safety Management Icebergs

As a director or manager of a business, you have responsibilities. Are you up to date with the latest best practice? Do you have the relevant knowledge, and do you understand what actions may be needed to protect your workers and your business effectively?

This interactive webinar explores health and safety management from the manager’s perspective; how to deal with key areas of risk that may not at first sight seem important, but which can become “safety management icebergs”.

By safety management iceberg we mean a potential issue which seems innocuous at first sight, yet which can cause immense damage if you run into it. It can harm not only the company and its employees but, in some cases, can also get senior managers into deep trouble. 

Workplace Accident Management and Investigation

It’s well known that an accident in the workplace may result in the company not only facing criminal proceedings but, if found guilty, a substantial fine as well. However, what is not so well known is the fact that the company may have to actively prove to the Court that they did all they reasonably could to avoid the accident.

A strategy of simply challenging whatever the HSE may allege in Court is tempting, but it may not be sufficient. Instead, the practical solution to this problem is for the company to conduct its own thorough accident investigation. And, in order to achieve this, it’s crucial that management always have somebody available who understands how to take charge of the scene in the immediate aftermath of an incident.