Paramedic courses

Update 20th February 2021:

Train-the-trainer courses for paramedic tutors at the Ambulance Service College, Dublin, are now scheduled for on-line delivery on Wednesday 24th February and Friday 26th February.

It is expected that delivery of the course to paramedic students will commence sometime in March/ April 2021 once the training schedules have been suitably adjusted.


At the request of the Irish National Ambulance Service College we have now designed a critical decision-making course for paramedics, both new and experienced.

The course is based broadly on our 3-day Rethinking Decisions course intended for officers/ senior managers, but it has been tailored to meet the specific needs of paramedics.

As ever the material used has been drawn from a wide variety of sources, and topics covered include:

  • Communications
  • Situational awareness
  • Psychology of decision-making (with a Canadian case study)
  • Medical ethics
  • Decision-making models
  • Personal development

The first train-the-trainer courses will be delivered to Ambulance College tutors at the end of February 2021, but we’re also very interested in talking to other ambulance services (both in the UK and international), and to commercial training companies, to discuss ways in which this course could be made available to their paramedic staff/ clients.

For an informal discussion about this course and its relevance to your needs please get in touch either via our Contact page, or with Andy Farrall directly on