Rethinking Decisions - latest developments

4th November 2020

Well, the scheduled September 2020 course in Dublin did not go ahead because of Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland, but it’s been agreed that the course will be postponed until early 2021. So it will go ahead, but we just don’t know when!

On a brighter note, the Irish Ambulance Service have commissioned a second version of the Rethinking Decisions course which will be designed with the needs of paramedics in mind (rather than the needs of officers and senior commanders). The first draft of this paramedic version has been drawn up, and discussions are on-going with the Chief Training Officer at the Ambulance Service College with a view to launching the course in Dublin in early 2021.

2nd July 2020

As with so many things the Covid-19 pandemic severely disrupted the development of the Rethinking Decisions programme. However, a Zoom meeting with the Chief Officer (Training & Education) from the Irish Ambulance Service College has now been confirmed for Tuesday 7th July.

During this meeting we’ll review the results from the February course, and discuss ways in which the programme can be developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of the Irish National Ambulance Service.

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that – following the discussions of 7th July – the Irish National Ambulance Service have booked another Rethinking Decisions course which will be held at the Ambulance Service College in Dublin at the end of September 2020.

6th February 2020

A Rethinking Decisions course has now been run for the Irish National Ambulance Service at their Ambulance Service College in Dublin, and the event was a great success.

All the five delegates were senior officers (including the Chief Officer responsible for Training and Education) and their feedback was excellent.

“Thanks very much for a thought provoking experience …”

“This was an excellent course … covers an often overlooked element of ambulance service life …”

“I enjoyed the course … opened my mind to certain issues that arise on a day-to-day basis in pre-hospital care …”

12th December 2019

At an initial meeting with the University of Gloucestershire, held at their School of Health & Social Care, we commenced discussions about how Rethinking Decisions could fit into their taught programmes.

The idea under consideration is to expand the current course from its present 18 guided learning hours (GLH) to 150 GLH so that it can be offered as an optional module as part of their M.Sc. in Advanced Clinical Practice.

Further meetings will be held in January 2020 to work out the details, but the mere fact that the University are even considering adopting Rethinking Decisions at this senior level is, in itself, an endorsement of the course’s quality and academic value.

11th November 2019

Following a meeting with Mr. Macartan Hughes, Chief Ambulance Officer, the National Ambulance Service Ireland have placed a firm booking for a Rethinking Decisions course which will take place over three days in Dublin during January/ February 2020.

We’re delighted to welcome them as a client, especially as Mr. Hughes has already confirmed that he’ll be joining the first group of delegates :0)

[And see above – 6th February 2020 – for the result]

21st October 2019

In addition to our being asked by South Western Ambulance Service to run a pilot course for them in November/ December in Bridgwater (see below) we’ve also had an initial, and very productive, discussion with National Ambulance Service Ireland.

As a consequence of that initial exchange we’ve now been invited to the National Ambulance Service College in Dublin to meet their Chief Ambulance Officer, Mr Macartan Hughes, who is the Irish Ambulance Service’s Head of Education and Competency Assurance.

Based on our discussions so far this appointment with Mr Hughes has all the hallmarks of being yet another very productive meeting :0)

15th October 2019

Following lengthy discussions with senior managers from South Western Ambulance Service they have asked us to put on a pilot of the Rethinking Decisions course for evaluation purposes. This pilot will be run over three weeks (one day per week) between November and December 2019.

The 3-day course, which will be attended by staff representatives including paramedics, control room staff, and a member of the Hazardous Area Response Team, will be subjected to a rigorous evaluation process by these delegates to confirm its value as a suitable training resource for ambulance staff.

It’s an exciting development, and we’re really looking forward to it :0)