Management of Lone Worker Safety

What is a “lone worker”?

The HSE define a lone worker as “one who works by themselves without close or direct supervision”. This definition covers a vast range of occupations, from security officers and lorry drivers to maintenance engineers, sales representatives and social workers.

In total it is estimated (Office of National Statistics figures) that there are between three and four million lone workers within the UK workforce.

The need to manage lone worker safety

Companies often fall into the trap of assuming that because a lone worker has a mobile telephone then they are safe, and thus nothing further needs to be done. This is a fallacy which not only puts lone workers in potential danger but also puts their employer (and their senior managers) at risk of legal proceedings, a hefty fine and – in certain cases – imprisonment.

The solution

We can provide senior managers with a 1-day course which not only covers their legal responsibilities but also looks at the practicalities of managing lone worker safety, from compiling effective risk assessments to designing an emergency response plan to deal with the unthinkable – the nightmare scenario in which a lone worker goes missing and the company has no idea of where they might be or why they’ve disappeared.

More than just another course

This is not just a day of “chalk and talk” – far from it! The essence of the course is that managers understand how to build an emergency response plan which meets their specific needs. Hence we not only look at the legal theory, but in the afternoon we hold a workshop in which managers start designing their effective emergency response plan. We will look at topics as diverse as identifying key staff data, communications under duress, and the setting up of a “cascade” response protocol – i.e. who should be told and when?

The course will be tailored to meet your company’s needs and so, to preserve confidentiality, it is not available on an “open” (i.e. public) basis but is only delivered in-house to individual management teams.

Please feel free to contact us on 0208 242 6241 for further details of this bespoke course, and to discuss ways in which we can help you manage your lone worker safety responsibilities.

Please remember that an informal, yet confidential, discussion costs nothing and there is no obligation.