Becoming an approved trainer for Rethinking Decisions

Our market research indicates that the potential market for our Rethinking Decisions course, even in just the UK, is significant. For example, various reputable sources we have looked at indicate that within the UK there are:

  • UK care homes – 11,300
  • NHS managers – 33,018
  • NHS nurse managers – 8,991
  • Paramedics – 13,762
  • Registered social workers (England) – 97,829

All of these personnel have to make critical human decisions as part of their work, and could therefore benefit from Rethinking Decisions.

In order to properly access such a vast potential market we would welcome enquiries from suitably qualified trainers/ training companies who would be interested in becoming Approved Training Providers for Occam courses.

In the first instance please feel free to call us on 0208 242 6241 for an informal discussion about this opportunity.