Rethinking Decisions - international version

We firmly believe that the value of our Rethinking Decisions course to care & support professionals is not just limited to the UK. On the contrary, we believe it has truly international value since the work of care & support professionals remains fundamentally unchanged regardless of political or geographical boundaries.

Yes, there may be differences in applicable legislation from country to country, but the essence of the work – and therefore the need for training in how to make critical decisions on behalf of those who cannot make such decisions for themselves – remains unchanged regardless of location.

For this reason we are actively looking to speak to suitably qualified trainers/ training organisations in other countries who believe they have the necessary skills and expertise needed to promote Rethinking Decisions to care & support professionals in their geographic area.

Rethinking Decisions will need to be tailored to meet the specific needs of each country, and so we would look to work with the nominated trainers/ training organisations to bring about those changes.

For an initial, and confidential, informal discussion please contact Andy Farrall directly using the email:

Alternatively you can ring him on +44 (0)208 242 6241.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you :0)