Accident Investigation


We don’t offer legal advice because we’re not lawyers. Instead our industrial accident investigation service comprises two main components:

Blocked fire exit.
  • Root cause analysis. Exactly how did the accident happen? What were the various factors involved? How can a repetition be avoided?
  • Safety management system review. Legal proceedings can often revolve around the issue of whether the employer managed safety properly and in line with best practice. We will give an objective opinion on your system’s strengths and weaknesses so you can anticipate and deal with possible legal challenges.

Maximising your defence

In the event of an accident in your workplace we can act on your behalf by attending the incident location and investigating the sequence of events that led to the accident.

We can work with you by (for example): preserving evidence from the scene; interviewing the injured party and witnesses; identifying the sequence of events that led to the accident; and identifying the root cause of the accident.

All this could assist in your possible legal defence should civil or criminal proceedings be commenced against you or your company.

It’s reassuring to know that if you suddenly find yourself having to deal with an industrial accident you can quickly have a qualified and experienced accident investigator working on your side.

And we can still be of assistance even if the accident happened some time ago

Waiting to see what the HSE or Local Authority have to say before building your defence is a potentially disastrous strategy.

If you feel you are at risk of a claim or prosecution following an accident then talk to us in complete confidence. We aren’t lawyers – and don’t profess to be – but we can give you an honest appraisal of whether, in our opinion, your safety management procedures at the time will stand up to intensive legal scrutiny. Forewarned is forearmed!

For an informal and confidential discussion please ring 0208 242 6241