Course writing/ development service

As a professional health & safety manager you want to give your people the best health & safety training you can, but that can sometimes be problematic. There are many excellent courses available on the open market which deal with health & safety from a generic viewpoint, but now and again you need a course to deal with a specific issue, such as the practicalities of working to an industry standard or an approved code of practice – and such course may be difficult, if not impossible, to find.

And you face a similar problem if you’re an independent trainer wanting to offer your clients an enhanced range of courses. Again it may be that the courses you’d like to offer just aren’t available.

Of course, you could always write the course yourself – but that can be time consuming, and time is a commodity often in short supply for busy health & safety managers and independent trainers.

So what can you do to solve this knotty problem?

Well, you could talk directly to Andy Farrall to see if he can help you.

Not only is he a highly qualified and experienced health & safety specialist but he is also an accredited trainer who holds additional qualifications in the field of Learning & Development.

He has designed, written and presented a range of management level courses covering (for example) topics as diverse as lone worker safety; critical decision making; accident investigation; and safety management within the gas sector.

Course design projects currently being undertaken include safety management training for the private healthcare sector on behalf of Advanced Clinical Solutions Ltd, and safety assessment training for Bespoke Consultancy and Education’s apprenticeship assessment team.

If you need a specific course developing for you then please don’t hesitate to give Andy a call on 0208 242 6241 to arrange an informal no-obligation discussion about your needs.

Projects can be developed on a FIXED FEE basis – and having a tailored course written to meet your precise needs could turn out to be a lot cheaper than you might think!